Speech Programmer

Welcome to Speech Programmer. Speech Programmer is your personal code typist. All you have to do is speak out the code, and the app will write it for you!

Speech Programmer has certain syntax rules of it's own, and only responds to specific voice commands. Make sure you take a look at the readme document before you get started.

To start speaking code, hit the start button below...



Speech Programmer is a completely open-source project. I'd love to work with you if you want to contribute to this project.

My aim is to use ML and NLP one day to enable Speach Programmer to convert natural language to code, instead of the speaker having to follow the rules of the app.

If you want to take a look at the code, head over to my GitHub repository. Feel free to start a discussion on GitHub or open issues/pull requests. You can also contact me directly at my email address, whether it be about this project or just to say hello.