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Double Bounce is a game that evolved from a combination of brick breaker games like Atari Breakout, and the old Pong game. The aim in this game is to keep hitting the ball with the paddles at the edges of the screen, just like pong.

However, the tricky part is that the same user controls both paddles with tilt! While the paddle at the bottom of the screen moves left, the one at the top moves right. One of the main motto I keep in mind while developing games is that the game should be easy to understand, but difficult to master. And Double Bounce is a superb example of this, since it takes quite some time for a user to get the hang of the game!

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Blindfold is a game based on a very unique concept. The aim is simple- to keep a ball bouncing. The floor is a disappearing paddle, and appears for half a second when the player taps the screen. The player just needs to time his taps to prevent the ball from hitting the bottom of the screen.

The interesting part is that the player gets to see the ball and the paddle only for a few seconds, after which they are "blindfolded", meaning that they can see nothing but their score! The player needs to play based on sound (collisions between the ball and the floor) and on rhythm. Additionally, the blindfold is removed at certain intervals when the game speeds up.

The game has another 2-ball mode for players with more experience, and they need to do the exact same thing in this mode, except the fact that the screen is split in to parts and there are two separate balls that they need to keep on the bounce!



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Compared to the games above, Rockets is a much more common concept and simple to play. The player just taps below a line to fire missiles at incoming planes to shoot them down. The game has special missiles that the player can use once they are charged, and these include an explosive one that takes out all planes at once, and a targeting missile which bends to hit its target plane.

All my games on the Play Store also have Google Services integrated, so that players can take their scores to the leaderboard, and work towards completing achievements. Additionally, the games can be downloaded for free and contain no advertisements, so users can enjoy unlimited fun without interruptions!


<ChocoBurst VR>

I tried out the Google Cardboard Plugin for Unity and created a simple first-person shooter using this plugin. ChocoBurst doesn't involve the game character moving around, but it is a 360 degrees VR game, meaning that it must be played standing up and keeping an eye in all directions.

The aim is simple- there are chocolate balls rolling at the player, and they must shoot them all down before any of them hits them. These balls can be replaced by any kind of enemy such as aliens or enemy troops, depending on the game setting. ChocoBurst is not on the Play Store, but remains one of my most exciting game development projects.

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