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JPad is my very own text-editor, which supports creating new files, saving, opening and modifying files. It also supports changing the font, the font size, and allows styling (bold/italics/underline) to parts of the text. The text editor also has undo/redo operations, which I implemented using the UndoManager class from the JFC.

I also had to add keyboard shortcuts for operations, which I did, and JPad was ready! I could open multiple windows and start typing. Although not the best text-editor, it is something of my own, and I was pretty happy with it.


<Brick Breaker>


Remember atari breakout? If not, try doing a Google serach and going into images (from a desktop machine)! I decided to make a brick breaker game, with treading and the graphics toolkits. Since I was also creating videos on Object Oriented Programming with Java during this time, I decided to cover graphics in the videos via this game. Although the entire game is not covered in the videos, they give an appreciable start towards it.

My final game didn't have the most perfect collisions, and I did not add any effect on the ball based on where it hit the paddle, so the user had very little control on the game, but I was able to make a decent brick-breaker within a short span of time.

</Brick Breaker>



Having done the brick breaker in Java, I gave myself a challenge- I had to create a snake game without taking help online, except for the oracle Java docs. I was able to get down a basic version in a couple of hours, although there were still tweaks I meant to make.

I later added a feature that food cannot spawn on the snake body/head, and also went on to add a menu screen and a highscore screen. Although the highscore is stored in a text file as plaintext, meaning that anyone can open the file and enter a desired score, I wasn't too worried about the security aspect here. I later enjoyed testing out the game by competing with my friend turn-by-turn to beat each others' highscores!


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