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QLogic is a puzzle game based on quantum computing. It is aimed at making entry into quantum computing smooth and simple, and the puzzles revolve around the use of quantum logic gates (used in actual quantum algorithms).

QLogic also has a playground (sandbox) similar to other quantum circuit composers and a purely fun-based time attack mode, where the score is based on the number of unique qubit states that are achieved in the given time limit.

The game is developed in React Native and is available for android devices.

QLogic is on Google Play with over 1,000 downloads, and a rating of 4.8 with over 100 reviews. It has been received extremely well in the quantum computing community, and has been covered in blog articles by Quantum Computing Indiaand The Quantum Daily.

We were also invited to talk about QLogic and gamifying quantum computingat QTalks, an event organized by QWorld in association with QTurkey. The talk was for a quantum game hackathon (QOyun 2020) organized by QTurkey.