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VTalk is an app that facilitates communication between deaf-mute people and speaking-hearing people. The app uses speech recognition and synthesis to enable a deaf person to have a smooth dialogue with a speaking-hearing person.

The deaf person can hold the phone in his hand, and when the speaking-hearing person says something, it appears as a text message on app. To respond, the deaf person can type in a message, which is read to the speaking-hearing person by the device.

VTalk is a solo project right from the idea, code, testing and marketing.

The app was tested out in schools for the deaf-mute, and also in an employment fair (employAbility) organized by Ability Foundation, Chennai, and received an incredible response from the users.

The app also has additional features which include saving conversations (on the device using SQLite), support for multiple languages, and an interview-specific screen, from where chats are stored on Firebase to allow organizations such as Ability Foundation to view interview conversations and monitor the accuracy and efficiency of the app.

I also presented the app at AOICON (National Conference of Association of Otolaryngologists of India) in January 2020, where the app was greatly appreciated by some of the best doctors in the field.