Hi, I’m Shreyas

I’m a Game Programming student at SMU Guildhall.

My interests lie in designing and developing engaging playful experiences. I’ve previously worked as a Research Intern at the HAFP Lab, MIT Media Lab and the Exertion Games Lab.

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A puzzle game created as a fun tool to learn quantum computing. It consists of puzzles based on quantum logic gates, simulated on a mobile device.

React Native

Speech Programmer

Speech Programmer

An open-source project that I started, this is a web-platform that can write C code using voice commands. It handles basic functionality of the language and ensures syntactically correct code.

HTML/CSS/JS | Web Speech API

Mednet Outreach

Mednet Outreach

A remote consultation platform for doctors, built with the team at Mednet Labs. I contributed to the development of the React Native app for doctors, and for integrating video calling in all apps.

React Native | Twilio Video API

Blindfold graphic image


A game based on auditory feedback and rhythm rather than visual feedback.



Voice Quiz

A quiz app that can be played using voice only. The app reads out questions, can be requested to read out options, and accepts spoken answers.

React Native

YouTube Tutorials

I create YouTube tutorials for fellow programmers to learn new concepts and technologies. Here are the video series I have created till date.

Hi, I'm Shreyas

I’m currently pursuing a Master of Interactive Technology in Digital Game Development with a specialization in Software Development at Southern Methodist University (Guildhall). My interest lies in exploring technology for creative applications, with a special focus on play experiences and interaction between humans and technology.

I’ve worked as a Research Intern at the HAFP Lab at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab with the Fluid Interfaces group, and at the Exertion Games Lab at Monash University.

I love working on personal projects, and my projects have culminated in games, mobile apps and web platforms, some of which are available on the Google Play Store or hosted online. I have co-authored publications at UIST and CHIPlay, and have written a first-authored research paper where we investigate a novel game designed using Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS). I also enjoy creating content on YouTube where I teach about programming and talk about my projects and experiences.

If you want to discuss anything or just want to say hello, I’d love to connect! I reply fastest on email:


Mar 2023 - Jul 2023

Hearty Adventures in Food and Play (HAFP) Lab

Research Intern

The project involved the development of a smartphone game designed to encourage real-world activities that support human gut health. I contributed to and guided developers for the initial versions of the app, and later developed a new version with additional features and better usability as the sole developer. I also contributed to the design of the app to fit the research goals and provided feedback on the pictorial submitted to the Tangible Embodied Interaction (TEI) conference.

React (PWA) | Firebase

Aug 2022 - Feb 2023


Software Engineer

I’m working as a software engineer at Twilio India on the Auth team, where we develop tools and APIs for the Role-Based Access Control platform, which can be integrated into Twilio products.

Java (Vaadin, Dropwizard)

Feb 2022 - Jul 2022

MIT Media Lab (Fluid Interfaces)

Research Intern

Working on the KALM project, I contributed to the study of a neurofeedback training protocol for anxiety management using an electroencephalography (EEG) based Affective Brain-Computer Interface (aBCI). I was involved in the design and development of the protocol, running participant studies as well as literature review and writing work for this research.

Neuroelectrics Instrument Controller (NIC2) | Python | MNE | Unity | Empatica E4 | Psychopy | LabRecorder

Aug 2021 - Jan 2022

Exertion Games Lab

Research Intern

I worked on the design and development of social bodily games involving physical touch using Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), a body actuating technology. I ran an independent pilot study that included brainstorming ideas for games, designing and prototyping these game systems, running participant trials, performing a literature review, and writing a short paper.

Arduino | React Native | Unity

Jun 2021 - Jul 2021


Software Engineering Intern

I contributed to the Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) platform by developing front-end modules as well as API endpoints for the Access Manager Service (XMS).

Java (Vaadin, Dropwizard)

May 2020 - Jul 2020


React Native Intern

I worked as a React Native intern at BitHyve, working on their Hexa Bitcoin Wallet app, where I contributed to the app’s UI and front-end functionality.

React Native

Dec 2018 - May 2019

Mednet Labs

Full-Stack Development Intern

During my semester at college, I worked on two healthcare-based React Native apps with Mednet Labs. I also developed web-based modules for self-registration kiosks at hospitals.

React Native | Spring

May 2018 - Jun 2018

Mednet Labs

Full-Stack Development Intern

I worked with Mednet Labs to develop a voice-assistant for hands-free filling of medical examination forms for doctors. The platform allowed doctors to customize the examination form and train the module to recognize medical terms. I also collected feedback from doctors on the use of this platform to improve it for real-world applications.

HTML/CSS/JS | MySQL | Java (Spring) | Web Speech API

Publications and Talks

DIS 2024 Paper

Shared Bodily Fusion: Leveraging Inter-Body Electrical Muscle Stimulation for Social Play

CHI 2024 Paper

Go-Go Biome: Evaluation of a Casual Game for Gut Health Engagement and Reflection

UIST 2023 Paper

Joie: a Joy-based BCI

UIST 2023 Demo

Demonstration of Joie: A Joy-based Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) with Wearable Skin Conformal Polymer Electrodes

CHIPlay 2023 Paper

Fused Spectatorship: Designing Bodily Experiences Where Spectators Become Players

CHIPlay 2022 Extended Abstracts (Work-in-Progress track)

TouchMate: Understanding the Design of Body Actuating Games using Physical Touch

QTalks about Quantum Games by QTurkey and QWorld

Gamifying Quantum Computation

AOICON 2020 72nd Annual Conference of the Association of Otolaryngologists of India

VTalk, An app for the Deaf