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2048 Game in React Native Windows

A tutorial series on creating a 2048 game with React Native, with a focus on developing it as a windows native application.

React Native Windows

In the beginning of 2020, Microsoft announced React Native support for developing Windows and MacOS native applications. This series talks about setting up React Native to develop windows native apps.

Theory of Computation

This series revolves around Theory of Computation (Automata Theory), which is an essential course which builds up to compiler construction. It covers regular languages, finite automata, context-free languages, pushdown automata and turing machines.

Verilog Basics

Verilog is a Hardware Description Language (HDL) used to model electronic circuits. Verilog is an essential component of the Digital Design course as well as the Computer Architecture course. Most sources on verilog start directly with writing half-adder or full-adder modules. This series tries to lay out the basics of verilog, how some of the most common keywords work, and a brief introduction to the verilog syntax.

Database Management Systems

The series is centered around the relational model for database management, and SQL. It covers the theory concerning relational algebra and SQL, and has hands-on programming videos with MySQL.

Computer Programming (Linux + C Programming)

A playlist that is best suited to first year engineering students or anyone starting off in the programming world. It covers the basics of the linux shell, and then the concepts of C programming. This was used as official learning material for students during the Spring 2020 semester, when I was a teaching assistant for the course.

Python Programming

This is playlist for anyone wanting to learn python, be it someone with programming experience or someone choosing python as their first language. Requested by a professor for an embedded systems course for Masters students. The videos are based on material from the lecture slides provided to me.

Object Oriented Programming with Java

This 40-video playlist covers concepts of OOP, including the basics of Unified Modelling Language (UML) diagrams using StarUML, and concepts of the Java language.

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I am an undergraduate student at BITS Pilani- Goa, pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Physics. Passionate about coding, and enjoy developing web as well as mobile applications.

Other than coding, I enjoy writing about technical stuff. I am also fond of writing poems, and 65 of my poems have been published in a magazine, Twinkle Star. I play badminton, chess and carrom, and have participated in various individual as well as team tournaments in these sports. I take a keen interest in solving puzzles, especially the variants of the Rubik's cube, such as the Megaminx and the X2.